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This is a rush transcript from “Hannity,” August 2, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: All right. 

Welcome to HANNITY this busy Monday news night.

Tonight, more shocking footage from the violent crime. It is surging all across the country. It shouldn’t be a surprise, including one major city where murders are now outpacing COVID deaths by the whopping margin of three to one.

Also, tonight, an explosive new report revealing how COVID — yep, as we suspected, it did leak from the Wuhan virology lab. And even as Americans are now facing Biden supported vaccine mandates, more mask mandates, and even the possibility of more draconian shutdowns, a massive Biden super spreader event is still going on at our southern border, largely not reported on by the media mob, his press office.

Thousands and ten — hundreds of thousands every month illegal immigrants infected with COVID, they are just processed, many of them have it, released throughout the country. No testing, no vaccination requirements just processed and released. No catch and release, process and release, and release to the 48 states in the continental U.S.

Americans get mandates while hundreds and hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, they are spread out all across the country. And as an added bonus, guess what, they come to your state. You pay for their transportation, their food, their shelter their health care, and education.

And now, instead of communicating a coherent strategy for what we now know to be the delta variant, the Biden administration is even attacking their press secretaries in the media mob. That’s how desperate they are.

One White House staffer calling the coverage of breakthrough COVID-19 cases completely irresponsible, you know, saying, quote, the media’s coverage doesn’t match the moment and has been hyperbolic. And here — what’s interesting too is they said, oh, they’re doing it for money.

Whoa, I wonder if their friends in the media mob are going to take kindly to that charge.

Here are the facts: there have been a significant number of breakthrough cases across the U.S. where Americans, yes, in fact, tested positive for COVID-19, yet they were fully vaccinated. So far, at least 125,000 of those cases have been reported, but we do expect, sadly, that number to go higher.

Now, some perspective, it is important to remind you and keep in mind 165 million Americans are fully vaccinated. That means that as of now, the breakthrough cases have occurred in a small portion of vaccinated Americans. Let me give you, the percentage. It is roughly 1.075 percent.

Actually, this weekend, one of my best friends, fully vaccinated, tested positive. This weekend, also, Senator Lindsey Graham, fully vaccinated, he now has COVID-19.

Now, this is where I think everybody needs to have concern. We need to study. We need to understand what happened. In Providence town in Massachusetts — well, there are cases there. It represented a whopping seventy — seventy four percent of new infections.

Now, this needs to be studied and investigated. In other words, nearly five hundred cases, nearly percent of them were fully vaccinated people. Okay, why — why there? Is that something that will happen elsewhere? Let me be clear.

We’re not whipping up hysteria for profit as the Biden administration really was accusing people at NBC and their reliable allies in the media mob, which is giving you facts and honest perfect so you can hopefully make the best decision for yourself. We won’t play doctor on TV, or on my radio show.

One thing is certain, they did tell you if you got vaccinated, well, your life will return to normal. And tonight, we are rightly asking, how bad will this potentially get?

We do need and we deserve truthful answers. They have been wrong too often throughout this entire pandemic.

Dr. Fauci needs to be fired. He’s been wrong too often. We have given him the benefit of the doubt as much as we could, and guess what? He’s still proven to flip and flop and flail and change his mind seemingly by the second. And he’s not even on the front light of the COVID fight. All he’s doing is TV appearances.

We should all especially be concerned about what happened, what happened in Provincetown, Massachusetts? That needs to be studied in detail, and we do deserve answers.

Now, we do have our medical experts. Dr. Nicole Saphier, Dr. George Reed, Harvard educated medical school, about these breakthrough cases. We’re also going to discuss something often overlooked and that is the incredible therapeutics that are now being used to treat not just breakthrough cases, but all cases. That includes, yes, the monoclonal cocktail known as Regeneron, the Eli Lilly version of Regeneron. Even, yes, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin. You get to decide.

Sadly, the health experts and the Biden administration do not appear capable of providing clear, and consistent guidance on anything. It’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere, it’s flipping and flopping and flailing all over the place and people rightly are getting angry and they feel like they don’t know this is the gang they can’t shoot straight. They don’t know what they’re doing.

Last week, the White House urged employers and local governments to enact strict vaccine mandates. Wow, I didn’t think that was going to happen but it did.

Now, major teachers unions, oh, interestingly, they’re coming out against those mandates, all of a sudden, it’s not exactly totally clear where the Biden administration stands on the issue.

Of course, Democrats every election season, they rake in millions and millions of dollars from teachers unions, donate enough money, you can even dictate CDC policy as we have learned previously.

Make no mistake, vaccine mandates are a terrible idea, just like vaccine passports. It’s frankly an affront to the principles of medical privacy your medical privacy matters. Doctor patient confidentiality that also matters, and I have said many times on this program, please take COVID seriously.

Please, do your own research. Please take into account your unique medical history, your current medical condition. Please consult with your doctor or doctors or medical professionals that you trust and then based on that information, that only you really know about and your doctor really know about, then you have then you should make an intelligent decision for yourself and your family and loved ones.

In Europe, for example, look what’s happening, people of France, they’re not allowed to make their own decisions. Look at your screen, the French government is now mandating vaccine passports nationwide, that has caused widespread protests and rioting. Back in the U.S., mask mandates are now becoming — you know, coming back in city after city, even for vaccinated people.

Apparently, if you’re a well-known Democrat though the rules don’t apply to you, because after announcing a brand new indoor mask mandate in Washington, D.C/ even if you’re vaccinated, Mayor Bowser celebrated her birthday not following her own mandate as you can see pictured there, mask- free with comedian Dave Chappelle. He’s pretty funny guy.

She also attended an indoor wedding with hundreds of guests and again I don’t see a mass there either. Just like the Democrats from Texas flying on that private jet to you know cause the Democrats to end the filibuster as they themselves were filibustering.

Because she’s a Democrat, don’t worry, fake news CNN, she will get a free pass.

Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don’t know, what do you think?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I get it — well, I you know I it’s hard for me to remember what we’re all supposed to be angry about because it wasn’t that long ago we were criticizing politicians for wearing masks still where the science was telling them, oh, they didn’t need to be, you know?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yeah, I mean, I look at the photo and I see, it seems like it could be during the toast, right? Everyone’s heads are pointed in a certain direction. It seems like maybe they are listening to someone is what it appears to me.


HANNITY: Now, while Bowser enjoyed a mask free weekend after a mass mandate — well, Barack Obama get this, you’re going to love this. He’s planning a birthday blowout super spreader event for himself at his mansion in Martha’s Vineyard with a reported guest list — you got it — of 700- plus people. Somehow my invitation I think got lost in the mail but circle back Press Secretary Jen Psaki doesn’t seem at all concerned.

Take a look.


PETER DOOCY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Is President Obama setting the wrong example about how serious COVID-19 is by hosting a big birthday party with hundreds of people this week?

JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Well, I would certainly refer you to the team who is working for my former boss to give you more specifics.

DOOCY: Vaccinated people can still spread this delta variant around. So is there concern that this — President Obama birthday party might become a super spreader event?

PSAKI: Well, I think, Peter, the guidance is about what steps people can take when they’re in public settings.

DOOCY: People who are watching this at home and they see, well, President Obama can have a party with 700 people. Should they think that it is okay for them to have a party with 700 people now?

PSAKI: Well, we certainly advise everyone to follow public health guidelines which I know the former president who is a huge advocate of getting vaccinated of following the guidance of public health experts would certainly advocate for himself as well.


HANNITY: All right. Here with reaction, FOX News contributor, Speaker Newt Gingrich, “Outnumbered” co-host Kayleigh McEnany.

You know, Mr. Speaker, you you’ve been around Washington pretty long period of time, and I never saw a period where these politicians have gotten so much so wrong so often on such an important issue that you know they talk about vaccine hesitancy, they’ve been trying to blame conservatives. They really have nobody to blame but themselves. Their standards change daily from masks, to mandates, to all these other issues.

Your reaction?

NEWT GINGRICH, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, look, they’ve destroyed the Center for Disease Control as a legitimate scientific institution which was the most important epidemic-oriented institution in the world. It’s been destroyed. I mean, nobody believes it anymore. It’s all politicized.

They’ve also — Dr. Fauci who should retire, even by his own standards wrote an article back in 2012 and by the standard of his own article, he clearly should get out of there because everything’s been politicized. If you can’t have accurate, honest information, the whole system starts to break down, and that’s what’s happening.

And, of course, you have a secondary issue which is, you now have a political aristocracy, the rules don’t apply to them, whether they’re Governor Newsom in California, or they’re President Obama or the mayor of Chicago, whatever they tell you to do. You’re just a peasant but they’re the aristocrats and they get to do any anything they want to.

And I think that’s enormously dangerous uh in a free society. That is really a breakdown of the contract we’ve had for 225 years.

HANNITY: You know, Kayleigh. Newt brings up a good point. You know, one set of rules for them and another set for the rest of us. Okay, I can deal with that. I’m used to that they’re politicians, right?

But there’s something bigger going on here because now, Mayorkas this weekend is blaming or today was blaming Donald Trump for the mess that they created at the border. We have overcrowded cages for kids built by Biden in the middle of a pandemic. They’re on top of each other. Very few if any are getting tested and then we’ll just send them to the 48 states in the continental U.S. and say, good luck states, not even knowing their status and then put all these draconian measures on the American people, including now mass mandates even if you’re vaccinated, et cetera.

KAYLEIGH MCENANY, FOX NEWS ANALYST: Yeah, that’s exactly right. You don’t care about COVID-19 spread. That’s not your motive if you’re allowing illegal immigrants to flood porously through the southern border, throughout the United States as you note. This is about one thing. It’s about aggregating power.

Dr. Fauci said it all, when he said you are violating someone’s individual rights when you don’t wear a mask.

Sorry, Dr. Fauci, first of all, you’ve been wrong on science all the way through. First, it was one mask, then it was two, then it was no mask if you’re vaccinated, now we’re back to a mask.

You were wrong on science so don’t try to venture into constitutional law. Our Constitution has rights for freedom of speech, freedom of worship, right to due process, a trial by jury. Nowhere in there does it say you must wear a mask. This is an individual right. You must do, it is a complete and total power grab and they’ve been rebuked by the way by the Supreme Court on the issue of churches staying open. On the issue of freedom of movement through this country, they’ve been rebuked.

Thank you, President Donald Trump, for those Trump judges because they’re making a difference.

HANNITY: And we have an investigative report coming up in the show. What did Fauci know, when did Fauci know it, as it relates to the origins of this virus, because we have his own emails that are pretty damning against him.

Mr. Speaker at this point, what do you tell people? You know, you come from a background. I’m sure look like me you agree that people ought to have a right to medical privacy. People ought to have the right to doctor patient confidentiality. These mandates seem to contradict that.

Then we’ve got doctors all over TV and all over Washington with one broad sweeping, you know, answer for everybody not knowing a thing about one’s medical history, or current medical condition, telling people what to do.

I think I’ve been far more responsible saying to take it seriously, research hard, you know take into account your unique situation, talk to your doctors and then you’re going to have to make a — the right decision for you. I — it’s a little dangerous all these people in my view playing doctor on TV and in Washington.

GINGRICH: Well, look, what you have now is a mob psychology where in some parts of the country, if you’re not wearing a mask and you’re not doing what people want, they’ll literally come up and get in your face and basically say, you know — you’re a traitor, that you’re not — you don’t care about the rest of us, I think it’s very dangerous.

The fact is on what I tell people is, I think on balance that you’re better off to get vaccinated. Callista and I both have had both vaccines — both vaccinations and I think as I think Lindsey Graham will probably report in the near future, even if you do end up getting a variant of COVID, if you’ve been vaccinated, it’s a lot less dangerous, a lot less difficult.

But I want to go back to Fauci for a second. Fauci spent hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars paying for research at the Wuhan lab. His failure to tell the truth back in January, February and March of 2000, I think is enormous disservice to the country —

HANNITY: 2020, yeah.

GINGRICH: In 2020, rather, it’s an enormous disservice to the American people and it makes you wonder about the whole process, and that’s why I think getting Fauci off stage is a very important building block towards getting back to a rational conversation, because he’s running around now talking about anything he wants to because he has the celebrity effect but the truth is, he doesn’t know any of these things any more than other people do, and his track record the last few years has been worse and worse, the longer he’s been doing this stuff. So I think that’s a significant part of our national conversation.

Why did — what did we pay for? Why didn’t we get the information? Why do we still not have the information and to what extent did the United States ironically finance the Chinese research that led to a worldwide pandemic? Which if you think about it is crazy. I mean, it’d be crazy in a novel.

HANNITY: And it’s also, did he lie to Congress? What do his emails show us? We have that investigation coming up.

Mr. Speaker, good to see you. Kayleigh, always good to see you. Thank you.

Now, for more information on breakthrough cases, in other words, fully vaccinated people being testing positive for COVID-19, along with answers surrounding therapeutics and treatments.

At that point, even if you got vaccinated and you get the virus, what do you do then?

Well, we’re joined now by FOX News medical contributor, Dr. Nicole Saphier, along with family medicine specialist, Dr. George Fareed.

Good to see you both.

Dr. Fareed, you went to Harvard, correct, medical school? You have great credentials and backgrounds just like Dr. Saphier.

DR. GEORGE FAREED, PHC MEDICAL DIRECTOR: Yes, yes, exactly. I admire her. She and I are both on the front line and so I — that’s honored to be with her on your show tonight.

HANNITY: Well, that’s one big difference how many cases have you and Dr. Tyson, for example, been involved in and you have been preaching very loudly. And you’ve been on my radio show often.

And I must — I must disclose publicly, I’ve called on you to please talk to my friends one this weekend that was fully vaccinated that got COVID and you — if you ever charge me, I’d be bankrupt for all the calls that I made. But thank you — and you have a protocol that you believe works starting with Regeneron, which my friend got within hours of diagnosis. Tell us about it. What’s working, what’s not that you see?

FAREED: Yeah, I’d like to do that, Sean. And it’s — really the science. Kayleigh brought that up her comment on what we need to do is really pay attention to the science and science of early multiplication of the virus in a certain period of time when it can be attacked by antivirals and by the Regeneron, by monoclonals for 10 months.

So, Brian Tyson at the Urgent Care Clinic here in the Imperial Valley where we were the epicenter for the pandemic in California, very high-risk patients. We’ve treated 5,000, 6,000, and then lots from around the country who can’t get treatment elsewhere are where they located.

But the key is to know that we’re dealing with a mutating virus. Now, the science is by these viruses mutate, and when they’re put under antibody pressures like mass vaccination, they’ll mutate. And then you’ll get more and more variants.

And the variants are very susceptible to the agents that we use from the — from the get-go in March of 2020. We’ve had five maybe six thousand very high-risk patients who’ve gone home three got treatment late and they didn’t — didn’t go home unfortunately. I treat in the hospital — I treated in a nursing home. I had an outbreak in my nursing home. I treated with our cocktail.

And we’ve used agents that are — that we knew from the beginning were effective, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, azithromycin, doxycycline, zinc, and we go on now to add in monoclonal antibodies. So we have a one-two punch neutralizing the circulating virus.

And it’s important to take the early treatment approach, that mass vaccination is not going to be the solution.

HANNITY: I am shocked when I talk to friends of mine. And listen, this is my business, so I — I’m constantly reading. They’ve never heard of Regeneron or ivermectin and what people unfortunately heard once they politicized hydroxychloroquine, two prestigious medical journals had to actually take back the studies because they weren’t even right. They were wrong, and we now have numerous studies.

And you discuss in your best-selling book, Dr. Saphier, the politics surrounding even the discussion when you had nothing before we had of any vaccine or developed Regeneron and monoclonal cocktails, you know, we had nothing — the premier expert on hydroxychloroquine said the risk is nil. Dr. Daniel Wallace, Cedar Sinai, 45 years he’s been dispensing the drug.

But you rightly point out, even talked about it — oh, that’s it, you’re — you know, you got excoriated.

DR. NICOLE SAPHIER, FOX NEWS MEDICAL CONTRIBUTOR: Oh, I sure did. And so, Sean, I mean, Dr. Fareed, he’s been in practice — I believe — I don’t want to date you, so I’m sorry Dr. Fareed, but I believe like 50 years at this point.


SAPHIER: So the people who should not be restricting what he decides to do with his patients. But that’s the thing. At the very beginning of the pandemic, we saw pharmacy boards state legislators telling someone like Dr. Fareed, who had been practicing for 50 years, what he can and cannot prescribe. Well, when you have a novel virus, and you have people all across the globe trying new things, trying to save lives, trying to keep people out of the hospital with medications that are cheap, had been proven safe for other illnesses and actually had known antiviral effects, that makes sense.

I mean the fact there was so much politicization around that was truly disturbing, Sean, and all honestly and it still continues to be so. I have friends, I have colleagues who truly believe that hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, that they work. They work at preventing severe disease.

You know, the data — I am a data person. I stick behind my evidence-based medicine and academia. And you know, the jury’s still out when it comes — when it comes to hydroxychloroquine, I don’t know if I’m quite convinced yet. I think that maybe in appropriate setting it might be able to prevent severe disease. Ivermectin, a lot of studies still ongoing. We know it has an ability to decrease viral load in vitro.

How it translates into larger studies, we don’t know yet but that being said we still need to continue our search for doing evidence-based medicine for these treatments. But I can say, Sean, these vaccines over million Americans fully vaccinated has clearly and drastically uncoupled severe disease from new cases.

So, while I don’t think the vaccine is for everyone, it’s a conversation between doctors and patients, I do think that the there is a lot of evidence showing that vaccines can reduce the risk of severe disease. So, I encourage people to talk to their doctors about whether it’s right for them.

HANNITY: All right. We’re going to make sure I’ll put up on hannity.com first thing in the morning. If you want more information about the protocols of Dr. Fareed, and want to get a hold of Dr. Nicole’s book, we’ll leave it there for you, part of your gathering of information so you make the right decision for yourself.

When we come back, an explosive congressional report, yep, about the origins in that Wuhan virology lab. Congressman Mike McCaul calling it the greatest cover-up in human history. He will join us next, along with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, straight ahead.


HANNITY: Now, explosive findings tonight from congressional Republicans, further bolstering the COVID lab leak theory, the same theory that Fauci was warned about but he downplayed, and the same one the corrupt media mob told you over and over and over again was a conspiracy theory, a conspiracy theory.

And as we are now learning that months ahead of the COVID-19 breakout, the Wuhan lab requested bids for major renovations to waste treatment systems that had been operational for under two years. And get this, several key points in the report indicate that the virus may have been spreading in China as early as September of 2019.

Look at your screen. Remember Dr. Fauci’s emails released earlier this summer, January 31st, 2020, 10 days after the first identified case of coronavirus in the U.S., and it just happened to be the day that President Trump put in his, oh, hysterical racist and xenophobic travel ban that saved lives — well, it was Fauci that day was first warned that the virus had a genome with fingerprints that it, in fact, looked like it was manipulated in a lab. That would be gain a function.

Remember this on Saturday, February 1, Fauci had a series of emails about whether his NIH used taxpayer dollars, your money, for the gain of function research, including a panicked exchange where he told a fellow NIH official that it was essential that they spoke and attached a paper on gain of function research. Huh, sounds like in January of 2020, Fauci knew it was likely in fact gain of function.

Anyway, here to explain, ranking Republican of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCaul.

You said it was a likely the worst scandal in history. You read these emails. I find them pretty damning. What are your thoughts?

REP. MICHAEL MCCAUL (R-TX): Well, we do know that the uh the bat lady, Dr. Shi, was working with Dr. Peter Daszak, and they were working on gain of function research which means genetically modifying, manipulating viruses to make them stronger, more deadly, more contagious.

They took the bat specimens out of the lab — the caves a thousand miles away brought them to the lab, and then tried to create like a super SARS virus to create a vaccine.

Peter Daszak is the guy who wrote “The Lancet” report that tried to rebut all the conspiracy lab theories and he was actually working with the CCP directly. They asked him to write this report. He got 24 virologists to weigh in on this and suddenly, Dr. Fauci believes in everybody else.

And the entire scientific community falls for this great hoax that Dr. Peter Daszak perpetrated on the world.

And to make it worse, Sean, as you mentioned, you know, we have NIH funding going into this dangerous manipulating research at the Wuhan lab itself, we cannot allow this to happen again.

HANNITY: And they knew at the Wuhan virology lab that they were involved in coronavirus research and gain of function research. And these emails that Dr. Fauci, we now see show us that he knew on January 31st, 2020, but then in public, he denied it, didn’t he?

MCCAUL: Yes, and you know, there were public papers between Peter Daszak and the — Dr. Shi, the bat lady, they’re publicly discussing gain of function research and genetic manipulation to sort of breed a monster out of a laboratory. I can’t imagine Dr. Fauci would not know about that when he approved the NIH grant.

So I think, you know, look, I think — I think we need to have a serious investigation, call these people before the Congress and it should be bipartisan, Sean. But unfortunately, the Democrats don’t seem to be very interested in this.

HANNITY: Great work, Congressman McCaul. Thank you.

Also developing abroad tonight, the U.S., the U.K., Israel — yep, all saying Iran attacked an Israeli managed tanker, raising more questions about what will the Biden administration strategy for confronting an increasing hostile Iranian regime besides forcing South Korea to give them $7 billion as they now enrich more uranium than ever? And will Biden ever hold the communist Chinese government accountable not only for the virus but their threats of attacks against — oh, American military bases, Japanese military bases, their attacks against pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong — oh and, of course, their claim of reunification with Taiwan.

Joining us now with more, FOX News contributor, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Let me first start with the virus. They’re not held accountable. Now you read these emails. Now we knew what this lab was doing and now we know that taxpayer dollars went to it. Your reaction?

MIKE POMPEO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes. Well, we’ve known since I spoke about this at least in the spring of 2020 that this virology lab was almost certainly the place, Sean, that this virus came from. And we’ve seen the deep cover-up, right? It continues to this day, they won’t let anybody, in to do the investigation, in a proper way. The Chinese Communist Party is responsible for allowing people to travel with a known very contagious virus one that is very lethal and they put it across the world.

This is incredibly reckless and they’ve got to be held accountable.

There’s lots of ways we could do this. It doesn’t appear that by administration is going to head down any of those paths. There are many tools without any further legislation that the Biden administration could use to hold the Chinese communist party accountable for the millions of deaths around the world, and the billions of dollars in lost wealth that resulted from this Chinese voicing of a virus upon the world.

HANNITY: Something you’d never let happen. Then the Chinese are lecturing our current secretary of state on the issue of human rights. That’s rich. I know you would never let that happen. They’re threatening U.S. military bases, Japanese military bases, they’re lecturing us about our planes landing in Taiwan, our ally country, and they’re talking about reunification with Taiwan. Would that be what how you describe any military effort in the China Sea?

POMPEO: Sean, it’s not remotely how we approached making sure that we put real pressure on the Chinese communist party, in particular with Taiwan. In our final days, we authorized MQ-9 Reapers to be sold to the Taiwanese so they could defend their country. We did the same thing with F-16s. We made clear we were going to continue freedom of navigation efforts up through the strait.

And when the Chinese spoke of reunification — well, that’s just false. It was never part of China, and we didn’t allow them to use that language without confronting it. We have to be serious about these things, Sean, you know this, right?

When you’re weak, you beget risk — you create real risk because your adversaries believe they can walk all over you. When you’re strong, when you’re clear about the words you use and you’re prepared to back them up as the Trump administration always was — when you’re prepared to back up the things that will secure American freedom, your adversaries take note of that.

HANNITY: Uh-huh. And then we see it with Putin, don’t we, the ratcheted up cyber attacks, with his territorial ambitions, with a greater military presence on the border with Ukraine, and what, we reward Putin with a summit? We will reward Putin with a waiver so we can build the pipeline while we cancel our pipeline? We force our allies, South Korea, to give $7 billion to the Iranian mullahs as they are enriching more uranium than ever and involved in these attacks against Israel?

I’m concerned overall, Mr. Secretary. I’ve never seen it this bad, nor have I seen our enemies, and enemy states more emboldened.

POMPEO: Well, you began with the discussion, Sean, about Vladimir Putin in the summit and the pipeline. Those were — those were clear indicators that we weren’t going to confront Russia in the same way that our administration did. And the others noted, right, whether it’s Chairman Kim in North Korea or it’s Xi Jinping in China, they can see weakness and they will they will literally try to drive a truck through it.

And you began the moment with the talk about Iran, right, they’ve now killed a Brit, killed a Romanian, attacked a ship at sea. They’ve launched rockets through their proxy Hamas into Israel from the Gaza Strip, and we’re still sitting at the table trying to negotiate a nuclear deal with them. This is crazy.

HANNITY: It’s insane. Yeah, we need the adults back in power, because I know you wouldn’t do any of these things or allow any of these things to be happening, nor would President Trump. Thank you. We appreciate it, Mr. Secretary.

Coming up, shocking new footage captured exclusively by FOX. Wait until you see this, you’ll see the extent of Biden’s open border crisis. We’ll explain. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is here to react and much more, straight ahead.


HANNITY: Now the Joe Biden open borders crisis is an undeniable as it’s ever been tonight, we have shocking new footage from FOX News’s drone team and our very own Bill Melugin shows massive numbers of illegal immigrants packed together under a bridge in Mission, Texas. Hundreds upon hundreds and that’s just from this weekend.

This is a full-blown catastrophe, full-blown humanitarian and security crisis, all of it caused by Joe Biden and his policies.

I’ll ask again, are these illegal immigrants are they being asked to show their vaccination status when they are processed across the border and assisted by Joe Biden’s team? Are they being asked to show proof of a negative test? The answer is no.

And, of course, rather than offering any real solutions, Biden’s failed DHS secretary is still blaming Donald Trump. Imagine that.

And according to one U.S. border official, the number of unaccompanied illegal migrant children likely hit an all-time high in July, all while carrying all cartels and smugglers are more emboldened as ever as resources are really going to processing all of the people Joe Biden is letting in illegally.

Now, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, he’s standing up to all this madness. He’s vowing that Texas will do everything in its power to secure the border, protect its residents. He’s also standing up for human dignity and freedom, barring vaccine mandates and continue to follow the science, unlike Biden, the CDC, and Dr. Doom and Gloom, Flip-Flop Fauci. Again, he needs to be fired.

Here with reaction, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is with us.

Mr. Governor, good to see you. Thanks for being with us.

You know, you talk about super spreader events of all super spreader, right? Okay, the people at the border not only are they being allowed to break the law, they’re also being aided embedded by Biden and assisted and then they’re transported untested to the 48 states in the continental U.S.

You have been trying to deal with it. We’ve seen Biden’s overcrowded cages for kids that he built.

Where are we now and how big a factor is this as Americans get draconian measures now forced on them, there are no standards for people entering the country illegally?

GOV. GREG ABBOTT (R), TEXAS: So this shows the double standard from the Biden administration, because remember this also, and that is as the Biden administration is allowing people to come across the southern border, many of whom who have COVID, most of whom are not really being checked for COVID. Those who do have COVID, some have been released into our cities, at the very same time the Biden administration is preventing people from — to come across the northern border from Canada into the United States, until maybe later on this month or sometime even later.

So there is a double standard policy in that regard, but also there’s a double standard as it concerns American citizens, that the Biden administration wants to put even more draconian controls on but is allowing these people to come across our southern border.

Sean, that’s why I’m the only governor in American history who has stepped up to build a border wall, stepped up to actually arrest people who are coming across the border illegally, and that’s why I issued that executive order that wound me up in a federal court today against the Biden administration that’s trying to shut down what Texas is trying to do, which is simply to keep our fellow Texans safe from exposure to COVID, from the people that the Biden administration is releasing into the United States.

HANNITY: I’m having a hard time understanding because we are a country, a nation of laws. I know I’m not allowed to pick and choose nor would I dare pick and choose the laws I choose to obey and those that I don’t want to obey. If I did, I’m pretty sure they put me in jail and throw away the key, Governor.

And the question is, they are aiding and abetting in the law-breaking and while they’re putting these measures on Americans.

Now, they have come after you to sue you — let me get this straight — for upholding the laws of the land. Because we have a process if you don’t like laws, you get to change them. You have two houses of Congress, a president signs a bill into law — I think we all learn that at a young age.

And by doing that, they’re suing you and going after you and trying to stop you from protecting the people of your state. My understanding is right?

ABBOTT: You’re right. You got it exactly right.


ABBOTT: It shows how upside down this administration is and our country is right now because for, one, the Biden administration is not applying or enforcing the law passed by the United States Congress. For another, I am trying to enforce it and the Biden administration is suing me.

But also remember that Texas is suing the Biden administration. When the sun sets on all of this, hopefully, the courts will uphold and enforce the law, forcing the Biden administration to start enforcing border security.

In the meantime, Texas will step up and do that ourselves.

HANNITY: And then after the people spend in the middle of a pandemic time in overcrowded cages that Biden built in the middle of a pandemic, then they are given free transportation to states that are then responsible for, what, food, shelter, education, health care? Is that happening?

ABBOTT: There’s — that’s it — the Biden administration is exporting the migrants, some of whom have COVID, across the entire country, causing locations across the entire country to have to foot the bill for Biden’s refusal to enforce the immigration laws of the United States.

HANNITY: Governor, all the support we can give you, I support everything you’re doing. It’s sad that you have to work this hard simply to uphold the law of the land and to look out for the health of the people of Texas and the rest of the country. Sad.

Thank you for being with us.

Coming up, liberals talk endlessly about public health. What about public safety? The senseless violence, every weekend, plaguing every American Democratic-run city? Yeah, we’ve got more tape, more statistics. We’ll get reaction. Leo 2.0 Terrell, he’s got a lot to say on that. That’s straight ahead.

We’re glad you’re with us.


HANNITY: Now, tonight, ask yourself, why do Democrats always claim to be so concerned with so-called “public-health” while simultaneously, completely ignoring public safety? The endless crime all across our major cities, that would include defund, dismantle, and, of course, no bail laws across the country.

Because look at this, new report foxnews.com finds Washington, D.C., murders, it has now surpassed coronavirus deaths in July by nearly 3/1 ratio.

And it’s not just Washington, D.C. because in New York, yeah, police are looking for the suspects on your screen after yet more disturbing violence and a gun fight right outside of Manhattan grocery store. Yeah, that left three by standards wounded.

Also over the weekend, 10 people shot outside of a barbershop in Queens, in what police are saying is a gang-related act of violence and the victims between the ages of, what, 19 and 72. In other words, a typical weekend. It was no better with 50-plus people shot in Lori Lightweight’s Chicago.

Here with reaction to all of this, Leo 2.0 Terrell.

You know, Leo, I don’t like to give out these numbers and I don’t like to scroll these names and I don’t like to report on the same thing. We know how to fix it.

Apparently, though, I have to conclude every life doesn’t matter because if every life mattered, we would know people’s names and we would end the violence because it’s something we know how to do.

LEO TERRELL, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Oh, we do, but, Sean, let me be clear and I want to be very honest with the FOX viewers. Murder, rape, assault, these are acceptable conduct in Democratic cities. It’s happening every day. You cover it — Fox cover it every day and the Democratic leadership does absolutely nothing.

And then was the last time you saw a Democratic mayor go to a police a hospital to visit an injured police? When have you seen a Democratic mayor walk into a police station and shake hands? It is political suicide.

And I want to be very clear — the superintendent, the police chief in Chicago, the police chief in Washington, D.C., both black Americans, they try to play a smoke and mirror game. They talk about all the court system overloaded. They cannot criticize their mayors.

You know why? They’ll get fired. So they play this game. I’m not buying it. They are basically refusing to criticize the mayors of these Democratic cities because they will be terminated.

Final point. New York, you should not — you should not think that Eric Adam is going to be the savior because he’s already kissed Joe Biden’s ring. He won’t criticize anyone publicly like AOC because he will lose that progressive wing. The progressive wing endorses criminal conduct.

HANNITY: We have less than 40 seconds.

Five hundred and seventy-four identified riots last summer. Thousands of cops injured, 25 dead. Yet, Jim Jordan, Jim Banks kicked off the January 6th committee. Liz Cheney and the other “I hate Trump” Republican.

If you really cared about violence on January 6, wouldn’t you also investigate those riots?

TERRELL: Of course, you would. But that basically would destroy the Democratic narrative. You see, that’s their base. So the Democrats and Pelosi, they’re going to focus on everything else but the crime in the streets.

But the American public is not stupid. They’re counting the days off for 2020. I guarantee you, Pelosi is going to be retired and we’ll get some law and order in those Democratic cities after 2022 elections.

HANNITY: Probably the most important midterm in our lifetime.

Leo 2.0 Terrell, good to see you. Thank you.

Up next tonight’s villain of the day, who is it? We’ll tell you, straight ahead.


HANNITY: Fake news CNN’s Humpty-Dumpty, our villain of the day, he used his Sunday show to feature a segment comparing Trump supporter’s to members of a Jonestown cult. Take a look.


BRIAN STELTER, CNN HOST: These citizens in other countries sometimes email me and say, why doesn’t the America media call Trump what he is, call Trump fandom for what it is? Sometimes they use the word cult.

I want to put it to an expert and unfortunate expert. Congressman Jackie Speier started out career in politics, working for the lawmaker. She’s on a fact-finding mission to Jonestown.

She sadly knows firsthand about the weight of that word, cult.


HANNITY: Mr. Potato Head’s stenographer, I hate Trump, I hate Hannity, I hate Fox, rewind, and nobody watches his show or reads his books.

Let not your heart be troubled — Laura Ingraham, how are you? How is your weekend?

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